Welcome to my portfolio gallery. Here you will find some of my past projects for a variety of different clients. I've selected these to showcase the broad range of disciplines which I put to use to create unique and compelling experiences. For a complete list of what I can do for your project, visit my Services Section.

Product Design • Branding • Photography • Video & Print Media

Alston Craig Cases

With Alston Craig, we set out to design a men's line that takes the best qualities of luxury leather and combine them with an eccentric flare. This unique look was our answer to a luxury market saturated with uninspiring and rather plain looking products for men. Rich tactile signature stripes and fine leather, with pliant padding provided the basis for my designs, which feature a quality one would expect from a leather chair or sofa.

UI/UX • Game Design • Illustration • Logo Design


Since 2015 I've been involved with the  Inkscape Project; an open source vector illustration software. This program is used by a variety of institutions for scientific illustration, diagrams, and for large web services like Wikipedia. I'm currently serving on the board of Inkscape, and spend my time producing outreach graphics, videos, games, and UI/UX modifications for the software itself.

Case Design


This client came to us with a problem: How to integrate hair samples, an iPad and document pocket all into one functional case.  L'Oréal field representatives were unsatisfied with their current three-fold design, which was cumbersome to open and difficult to hold while talking with potential customers.

My redesign included a colourful two-tone folio which folds out book-style to reveal the iPad and brochure/flyer, and a replaceable hair sample system hidden in the magnetic cover.

Logo Design • Branding • Illustration • Product Design • Menus  Posters • Flyers • Clothing • Commercial Packaging


Developing this brand and associated products was an entertaining change. After a bit of research (which included a lot of reading, and good deal of gin tasting), I helped produce a variety of boxed gin experiences, complete with gin history, instructions, and ginformation all packaged in a light-weight recyclable box ready for gifting. This proved a quite popular item, and over the years Ginsanity has expanded into an extensive line of gin fare by yours truly. These items include engraved glasses, shirts, novelty mugs, posters and other humorous gin gift items.


Logo Design • Map Design

City of Cottonwood Heights, Utah - USA

This was a fun challenge for me - How to reduce the complexity of a city map into an intertaining easy-to-follow, information rich experience. Complete with a new logo, it's both fun and functional, with simple colouration, a variety of route icons to help show both the theme and difficulty of the paths, so riders can see right away which path they would prefer to undertake on the day, and eventually "collect" them all.

Product Design • Branding • Photography • Print Media • Web Design

Tuff-Luv Cases

The parent company of Alston Craig and sub-brands, my portfolio of design work for this company spans over a decade. Catering to a wide variety of customers, this general purpose mobile accessory company sells everything from phone cases to backpacks. Projects for this company were varied, often requiring a good deal of market research into the sub-brands, and ample room to experiment and play with design.

Illustration • Print & Digital Media

Digital Illustration

Illustration is a key part of a professional graphic design toolkit. Whether it's concept art in the planning stages, to colour illustrations for books, games, and other print media, I've found a classical touch really makes the difference. Illustrations tell the story with style placed at the forefront of an unforgettable experience.

Menus • Print & Digital Media • Food Photography

Restaurant & Catering

The first bite is taken with the eye, so it's little wonder that professional food photography and menus make all the difference. Working with catering and restaurant establishments is a challenge I love. A lot of design goes into the motif of any establishment, and it's imperative to leverage that in associated branding and graphics. To acomplish this, I often take visual elements of the ambiance and cuisine to create attractive custom menus that visitors will instantly recognise and remember.